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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Children's Full Color Picture Book with Rhyming Verses. 48 Pages. Ages 5-10 #childrensbook #childrenspicturebook #authorjohnkennedy #princeofwhales #princessofwhales #fun #whimsical #eco-friendly #entertainment #educational #parentingmagazine #libraries #amazoncom #barnesandnoble.com

The book features archetypal cartoon characters, including whales and dolphins that one could only imagine in a dream! It is filled with gorgeous and colorful, full-page illustrations that will capture the hearts of children around the world. Whale Magic: A Whale-of-an-Adventure© is also edu-tainment (educational & entertainment) and includes educational facts and data that teach children about five different species of whales.

Book Blurb: Make a splash as you dive into the enchanting and wonderful watery world of Whale Magic®! Whale Magic is a whale-of-an-adventure starring Prince of Whales® (Prince Buoyant) and Princess of Whales™ (Princess Eviana) and a pod of other charming royal whales, each spouting their own special brand of magic. Wearing flowing robes, golden crowns and dazzling bejeweled tiaras, this fin-tastical pod of majestic whales are sure to have you hooked and cast their magic spell on you from the moment you open the book to the very last page.


We are committed to bringing global awareness to children about our environment, the oceans and marine life through educational and entertaining services. The debut of Whale Magic began in 2017 with the launching of the first children's picture book and later the Whale Magic Theme song. Since then we have successfully implemented many more services and continue to update our Social Media pages and websites. Our current services include the following:

  • MUSIC: Whale Magic® Theme Song
    Lyrics by John Kennedy / Recorded in London 
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WHALE MAGIC - THEME SONG VOCALS - Written by John Kennedy - All Worldwide Rights Reserved
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We are strategically building the Whale Magic brand. Our future goals are to expand the services to include additional entertaining, educational and environmental children's books, songs-music, school curriculum, 3-D animated theatrical films, a children's television series and many ancillary products and services. Whale Magic has universal appeal for all children around the world. We hope it becomes a global brand and initiative.



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